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Tormek SVM-45
    Tormek redesigned the SVM-45 knife jig in 2002. The jig was shortened. I need a pre 2002 longer jig for a Tormek related project. If anyone has one and would be willing to part with it, I would gladly trade either aa brand new latest version SVM-45 or $40 US, the cost of a new jig. The photo shows the different before and after 2002 lengths.

If you can help me out, please send me a message.

Thanks, Ken Schroeder
I have both the long and regular knife jigs and would gladly give you either, but unfortunately both are post 2001.  Best of luck finding a jig 18+ years old!  Ebay maybe?

Another option would be to cut the shorter shaft and then have an extension section welded in the middle to make it longer.  Or... cut the shaft, get a die, thread the ends and use a female threaded spacer like the one below to reconnect the cut shaft sections to the desired length.

Your local machine shop could easily do either, I guess it just depends on how important the project is for you.

BTW, Hi Mr. Ken!
Ken, I cannot help you, I have the newer zinc knife jig. IMHO the longer jig was much better than the current version. For example your kenjig concept will allow to mount much more blades using the longer knife jig.

In my understanding the knife jig is a stumbling point for Tormek. The absence of blade self-centring feature is hardly excusable.


Grepper and Jan,

Thanks for your replies. I agree, the knife jigs are a stumbling block for Tormek. The self centering feature should have been included years ago during one of the design revisions. I think the problem is that for everyone of us who would appreciate (and be willing to pay for) the better design there are hundreds of "Joe Six Pack" users who just want sharp knives for thirty to forty dollars. (Jan, "Joe Six Pack" is an English idiom refers to a beer drinking, unsophisticated person. It is generally not flattering.)

Grepper, I was planning to take my jig to the local machine shop and have a longer handle custom turned. The week before I planned to go, Ohio started shelter in place for the Coronavirus. The thread is metric 12mm by 2.5mm pitch. It is not quite a square or acme thread. I don't think it would be difficult for a machinist to match, although he would have to custom grind a lathe bit. The thread is not a standard size. I don't think I could find a thread die for it. My plan was to have the original handle cut off square and have the clamping portion of the jig drilled to either 6 or 8 mm and have the end of the new handle turned down to fit. 

That is still an option, although I think switching to a pre 2002 jig would be more cost effective. 

I would eventually like to purchase a self centering Tormek knife jig, assuming Tormek makes one eventually. I would eventually like to purchase a knife jig for my Kally, assuming that Grepper fellow ever gets them to market.   Smile


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