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Thank you to the innovative team at Sharpening Supplies for opening up an entirely new area and means of edge sharpness testing.
Follow this link to the new product.
<Larry The Cable Guy>Now that's funny right there!</Larry The Cable Guy>

I actually laughed reading it.  Smile

I like some of their other new products too, like the Mighty Stone.

Yes they are good. I think the others are from past years April 1 product specials.
The new butter knife tester sounds like just what I need for my home knives. Will it work with my KN100 analog tester!
Mr. Mike created and gave the world the BESS.  Now we can all contribute to help him create a new global standard, the Brubacher Bread Hardness Standard (BBHS).

Don’t you just hate it when trying to spread butter on a piece of bread but the butter is too hard and tears a hole in the slice of bread?  I do!  But now, with the introduction of this new innovative invention maybe there is finally a solution.  

We Exchange members can help save the world from the age old surge of torn bread, by providing a diverse and extensive data set.

The idea is to leverage data from the BESSie tester by using it in an out-of-the-box and unique way.  All that is required is that we all test our butter knives and agree on a Butter Knife Sharpness Standard (BKSS) so our testing can be standardized.

The data we produce from our testing can provide recommendations for the perfect BESSie (Bovine Evaluated Sharpness Standard) of butter for different types of bread.  Know before spreading!  Never suffer another torn slice.

Testing should follow these procedures.  For example, I’ll use wimpy white Wonder Bread.

1. Remove the butter from the fridge and attempt to spread it on the Wonder Bread.  Take a BESSie reading.  Right out of the fridge it’s too hard and tears the bread.
2. Let the butter warm while constantly testing on bread slices until it spreads perfectly on the Wonder Bread.  Take a BESSie reading.

Now we can Correlate BESSie to bread types for perfect spreading every time.  No more torn slices!

Wonder Bread = BESSie 25.
Melba Toast = BESSie 200
Whole Wheat = BESSie 75 …

The BESSie/bread data can now be extrapolated and correlated to form the new BBHS.  We know how RHC effects edge performance, now we can understand how different types of bread are likely to perform thanks to the new BBHS.
This caused me to snort coffee all over my keyboard and screen--laughing my butt off!!!!

We use a lot of tortillas which would have to be in a separate category. Corn/flower--uhhhhh, wait a minute, there would be sub categories for one or the other???

Gonna quit before this gets complicated.

THANK YOU, Mr. Grepper for your clever insight in the challenging world of sharpness!
That's great to hear! I take comedy very seriously. Sorry about your keyboard. More seriously though, were there nose bubbles?
Comedic genius that you are, Mr. Grepper, yes I can report nose bubbles were not only detected but exited ballistically with unknown velocity impacting keyboard and screen. Both survived and have since been sanitized in a manner suitable for the circumstance. Lesson learned: Practice appropriate social distancing henceforth RE: pie-hole/keyboard/screen when swilling Morning Joe.

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