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Edge retention in high-end knives
Edge Retention in High-End Knives

Tests on high-end knives performed by Nathan Stuart – the all-Australian record holder of the sharpest knife in both non-kitchen and kitchen categories.
Formula of Nathan’s record = brains + persistence + quality sharpening equipment + sharpness tester.

The Testing can be watched on the Nathan’s YouTube Channel >>
This test cutting routine consists of 2 cuts across 80 gsm print paper, then 5 more cuts of the 80 gsm print paper, followed by sequence of 2 cuts of twin-core (double-ply) cardboard till the sharpness score goes beyond the forearm shaving range of 160 BESS.
Nathan selected the latter as a cut-off value for his testing, as the high-end knives stay around 200 BESS sharp for too long to be practical to test them further.

Added at the bottom are test data for a Victorinox professional boning knife NSF 6.6603.15, sharpened at 12 dps, to give a reference to the mainstream s/s knives.
Note that Nathan knives are sharpened at 16-17 dps (only the M4 at 13 dps), while I gave the Victorinox the lowest angle possible for this steel, to maximize its performance in the cutting test.

Note that at 200 BESS sharp the high-end knives last and last, unlike the mainstream knives 

[Image: Edge_Retention_High_End.png]
Numbers in the table are BESS measured on PT50B

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