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More BESS Partners
This months new BESS Partners. Bess Partners from all over the world continue to gain a "leg-up" on the competition by providing before and after BESS sharpness numbers to their customers. BESS Partners enjoy an advantage in both their service to their customers and their advertising. Best thing is - assuming that you are an edge sharpness testing instrumentation owner and a small commercial knife sharpener - BESS Partnerships are free!

Just email us at and tell us who you are - where you're at - a little about your business - what type of edge testing instrument you own and how you intend to use your BESS Partnership in your business. Make certain that you indicate in your email how your certificate should be titled.

Congratulations and welcome to this weeks BESS Partners:


These Partners are notable because they are, once again, an international crew and all intent on improving the image and quality of their businesses. They hale from New Zealand, Denmark, Canada and the US. Glad to have all of you aboard!

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