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Driving to work
I think that every street in Phoenix must be under construction right now. I take about six miles of the 101 freeway to and from work every day and they are in the process, this summer,  of turning 8 lanes into twelve there.  The key to living successfully with the 101 each day is to make certain that you're traveling the right direction at the right time of day. It's west in the morning and east in the afternoon for me. Things flow pretty smoothly if the relationship of your home to your office allows this and I'm one of the lucky ones that it does. 

Anyway - this is all just background for something that happened this morning. Due to the construction, the speed limit is now reduced to 55 mph. Phoenix drivers have always been eager to make the conversion to metric so mentally convert all posted speed limits to kilometers per hour while still using the miles per hour arc of their speedometers. A Corvette sailed past me this morning at nearly twice my speed. Force of habit caused me to mutter the word "Idiot". Not thirty seconds later I'm standing on the brake because a mini-van  up  front  is doing half my speed (clearly a newcomer to town). I began to mutter a descriptive term for his driving habits as well but caught myself before I did. I had begun to mutter "Moron" but then remembered the "Idiot". Logically, if the guy doing twice my speed was an idiot then why isn't the guy doing half my speed  a "Genius"? I didn't resolve all this until I pulled into the parking lot here at work and here's how I arrived at the correct answer:

If the fast driver was an idiot and the slow driver was a genius then that would make me a "C" student and we have no C students on the BESS Exchange. Only the best and brightest express themselves here on these pages. So, therefore, idiot and moron must be the correct terms. Now, please don't ask me what lies at the midpoint between moron and idiot. I'm still working on that part of the equation.
I have ascertained the source of your confusion as a misinterpretation of the IGMDS (Idiot-Genius-Moron Driving Scale).  The IGMDS is not linear, but ordered similar to the pH scale.

I've been working a different angle Mr. Grepper for the question " Now, please don't ask me what lies at the midpoint between moron and idiot." Alphabet wise, it's Knucklehead and that's just what I feel like  when I screw something up.
Nailed it. Nice work Mr. Grepper.

There are quite a few scales where the middle ground is where you want to be.

They call people "extremists" because they are extremely annoying, right?

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