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Amazing new way to sharpen a knife
Please forgive me, but when I saw this rare nugget of knife sharpening wisdom I couldn't help but share.

https:/ /

Now, I applaud the following dude for his skepticism and willingness to perform testing to verify Internet wisdom.  If he had only been an Exchange member we could have saved him from wasting his precious life minutes in the testing.

Life lesson:

Always believe everything you read from knife sharpening gurus on the 'Net.  And... join the Exchange. Smile
If you think that's cool, watch THIS!

And you thought it was difficult...
Point of order here boys! It's all about the details Grepper. In the first (sort of successful) video the demonstrator used a metric bolt and a Russian made drill motor. In the second video (unsuccessful) the demonstrator used a standard bolt and a Black & Decker (hesitate to say "American") drill motor. Clearly, metric bolts and Russian drill motors are the key to success here.

Didn't have the patience to watch the entire video Mark - clearly, no one can cut a AA battery in half with a cheap kitchen shears. That's information that everyone needs to know. Question now - If you were successful in cutting your AA battery in half, would  you end up with two "A" batteries or two "AAAA" batteries?
No no, silly. We are talking about advanced Sharpening methods. Possibly leaked classified information, since scissors are almost impossible to sharpen... we thought...
Darn! I was really hoping for the two AAAA. Some devices use AAAA batteries and they are hard to find. Cutting a AA in half would have made life easier.
outstanding methods for sure........does Rupert recommend these and the 8 ways for scissors...........:-)......... :-)
Good to see you back again Mr. Max! I always enjoyed your posts and videos of your sharpening adventures. I found it very interesting to see the variety of blades folks brought to you for sharpening and to hear your commentary about it.
The Godfather has gotten me an audition with a gentleman in Phoenix who has traveled to France to learn how to MAKE hair shears. Obviously this is WAY beyond simple sharpening.

We have visited for several hours on the phone. He sharpens freehand on a disk. I've tried it. Works well.

So far I've sharpened fancy hair shears on stones, belts, Tormek, and now disc.  

I tried all of the new 8 ways to... NOT!   Big Grin

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