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Thanks once again to subwoofer for organizing and managing another very successful sharpest knife competition in Europe! Here are the results and a few pictures:

[Image: Knives-UK-2019-Sharpest-Knife-The-Results-500x500.jpg]

[Image: Sharpest-10-P1070554.jpg]

The Competition Table:

In case you were not able to come along, the competition table was setup in the ‘social/display’ area of the show.

[Image: Sharpest-01-P1020678.jpg]

The Competition In Progress:

A few photos of the competition measuring in progress.

[Image: 4114874040.jpg]ng the heel of the b[Image: 2066799071.jpg]lade.[Image: 4273223496.jpg][Image: 2328673797.jpg]

Reloading the test media (I did this a LOT).

The Results:

And the Results – an impressive quality to the entries with the overall second place score thanks to a superb BESS score of 51!! A typical double-edged razor blade fresh out of the packet scores 60, so this is very impressive.
Testing the tip of this blade.

[Image: Sharpest-04-P1020684.jpg]
Logging all results.
[Image: Round-Sticker-V1-0.png]

Time was flying.

I must be missing something  Confused

The text says "second place" scored 51 BESS.  There is no mention of "first place" and their score.  And the reader board only has scores down to 120.  It doesn't add up to me. 

And it would be fun to see some photos of the blades.  

Good question Rick Kr. Perhaps subwoofer can log on here and explain. We pulled the pics and information off of subwoofer's web page so perhaps we missed or messed something up.

Here's the link :
I looked at the page the link went to. Good job Mr. subwoofer but I am curious like Mr. Rick KR. What took first and what took second and so on?
Hello all

the page on my website has all the information, but this results page does not have the rules that are on a separate page, which might have led to some confusion. At the bottom of the results page is another link to the one with the rules Announcement: The ‘Sharpest Knife’ Competition at Knives UK 2019

The winning score is an average of three measurements taken at the centre, heel and tip of the blade. The certificates shown in the images of the top three scores (in the last gallery) with their three measurements and the average score used for placing.

I do this as the centre is the easiest part to get sharp, and most people find the heel and especially the tip much more difficult - I'm not making it easy Wink

Let me know if there are any more questions?
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We think we have it and thank you subwoofer. So, Zed 120, Ben 125, and Joe 128 were first, second, and third respectively with one of the measurements taken  measuring 51. It is true that we tend to measure most often somewhere close to the center of the blade. Perhaps because, intuitively, we might think that the center is most representative of the entire edge. Your insight with regard to competitive knife sharpening is appreciated here subwoofer as well as your inventiveness in visualizing the cut-away ATF so that these measurements at the extremities of the blade could be taken more easily. 

Our appreciation to all who participated and especially to subwoofer who organized and then carried it off.
Ah.  I do the averaging thing too, as I agree with the rationale.

It was not clear to me that the reading of 51 was just one of the three points measured - I thought it was the average.  I find it curious that the single reading of 51 was not on the knife that was the sharpest, on average, and not the winner.  Given how high the other two readings were on that knife, I'd almost consider the 51 an errant reading and I would have checked it a couple more times, trying to avoid the previous test spots.  I have not looked at the rules, so do not know how they treat this sort of thing.  

Thanks Mr. subwoofer. I used to see considerable measurement spreads as well. I like the fact that you're testing the whole blade. That,s how sharpeners learn what they are doing right and what they are  doing wrong. If you want to know the truth, the 51 might have been the worst place on the blade.  Could have been a bit of wire edge. Goes with the territory though. You can only test for edges that test sharp, not edges that test sharp and keep and hold a long lasting edge.
At some point you have to decide on a course of action and stick to it. Second guessing, repeating measurements and worrying too much means you won't get anywhere. I have enough experience and ability to examine edges for various imperfections, I can quickly decide is a measurement was off due to my error, and I might repeat that.

The method and rules I used have been working well, and the most important rule - 'The tester’s results are final'  Wink
Tactical Reviews by Subwoofer
Instagram @tacticalreviews

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