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Viel scissors sharpening question
Do any of you Viel owners sharpen scissors with it's new scissors sharpening arm/clamp or the Twice as Sharp arm/clamp?

Is there some sort of adapter allowing use of the Twice as Sharp arm/clamp tool?

With either the Viel or TaS scissors clamp, how well does it work? 

With it, do you do scissors on or off platen?  


I have both clamps. My Viel clamp is the redesigned version. I have had it for a couple years. It is probably their "new" clamp. Both are very usable, although I lean toward the TaS clamp. 

My TaS clamp is the standard width 3/4” with the Ergonomic grip. The Ergonomic clamp adds six dollars to the cost. In my opinion, it is well worth the extra cost, especially for older hands like mine. (Sharpeningsupplies sells the interchangeable parts for the TaS clamps. Also check with Steve Bottorff for both Viel and TaS

The Viel arm has a 3/8” diameter stud. The Viel clamp has a 3/8” hole which holds the stud. The TaS clamp has a 1/4” rod. The adaptor is simply a 1 1/2” long piece of 5/8” diameter steel rod. One end is drilled 3/8” to accept the Viel stud. This end has two threaded cross drilled holes for the screws which hold the securing screws. The other end is drilled 1/4” to accept the TaS rod. These sizes should be adjusted a sliding fit.

The adaptor is used with the TaS clamp. It is removed to use the Viel clamp. It works well with the TaS clamp.

I would be inclined to start with the Viel clamp and save the extra cost of the TaS clamp and adaptor. These can be easily added later if desired.

I have always used either clamp with the platen. That is not meant to imply that working without the platen would not work, only that I have not tried it.

I do not have much experience sharpening scissors. Other bessex members have far more experience than I do.

I wish that someone would explain to me the secret of sharpening scissors. I'm just talking about ordinary cheap kitchen shears and not the kind my barber uses. Every time I sharpen scissors they come out no better than when I started. I don't use a clamp but try to freehand them matching the original angle then remove the burr. I can sharpen a knife but scissors seem to be  are over my head.
I’ve sharpened basic scissors on a Tormek T7 and Kally with adjustable rest.  Both worked but the Tormek was easier, especially around the tip, because the scissors are locked in a clamp than maintains angle.

I’m totally not an expert at scissors sharpening and have done very few, maybe 5 or 6 pairs.  I suspect you had difficult due to trying to do it freehand.  Scissors cut at the leading edge of the blades and if the blades don’t meet perfectly at the leading edges the scissors won’t cut for crap.

That’s just a guess.  Hopefully someone who knows a lot more about it will respond with a more helpful post.
We're in the same boat as you Bud. Although we have made few attempts at sharpening the various shears used around here, when attempted we have failed. Grepper mentioned that free handing the process may make the process more difficult. Do you think that your Kally Knife Rest might work for scissors Senor Grepper?
Si Senior EOU. Me gustan las albondigas.

Worked for me. The scissors need to have a flat back on the blade so the edge angle can be controlled. If the scissors are very pointed control can be difficult around the tip because there is not enough blade to maintain contact with the rest. In my less than experienced opinion it's best with a clamp.
It's always good to know that you're not alone EOU. Thanks for the advice and I may give it another go Mr. Grepper. Its not a real big deal to me but if I could learn to sharpen it might save a trip to the store.
i use the viel with the wolf arm and 3/4" wolf clamp for all non hair related scissors...........used 120 grit belt.

just added flat plate to arm and slid it into the viel slot
With scissors do you sharpen against the platen or on an open belt? I'm thinking about sticking one on my Kally.
(12-20-2019, 08:56 PM)grepper Wrote: With scissors do you sharpen against the platen or on an open belt?  I'm thinking about sticking one on my Kally.

for about a year or so, i used open...........then i added a thin leather layer to platen and now i sharpen against it.

i can not say which works the best, the scissors got very sharp both ways.

several years ago mark made me a pole bracket to my kally to hold wolf arm............i never fell in love with it.............i'll look around and dig it up and add picture..............the viel scissor arm works great as well when you use the wolf clamp..........

the wolf arm just seems to work better all around

my viel had the penn state variable speed motor also..........

it seems like i remember mark telling me that the bracket worked best when used on the back side of kally........working from back side i mean, but i never tried it that way.

i will send it to you if you want to give it a spin.

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