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What to buy Next.....or Toys for Silly Boys...
Just finished up my Paper Wheel Set Up. Using my PT50B, and My KingMas 60x illuminated Loupe, I see both a marked difference in my edges, and a good 80 points better sharpness scores......but I am not sure if my apex is clean.....

I have seen talk all over the place on USB microscopes, and if something is inexpensive enough, I would like to look at higher magnification than 60x.  The big drawback on the Loupe for me is constantly taking off my glasses to use it......and I would also like to save images for comparison.

if you are happy with something you have bought, I would love to get info.

Thank you guys!

GAS is good and GAS is great! GAS brings fulfillment and everlasting happiness to life and reduces uncomfortable wallet thickness. (GAS comes from the world of photography buffs, Gear Acquisition Syndrome).

I am making no recommendations on what scope to purchase, but the one I use is this:

Here are some images I've taken with it:

And here are some images Mr. Sharpco took using the same scope:

Hey Mr. Sharpco - Now that you have had some time with it, what do you think of your new scope?
Hello grepper. 

Your recommendation is great. I'm very satisfying with it. 

I also used it yesterday to check the rust on the Bark River Bravo 1.5 3V LT Field(The image is under X100)

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Well, That was fast!

I think I will own shares in Amazon very soon.....

Thank you Guys!
Is this a good deal?
"...if something is inexpensive enough".   Obviously that meets the criteria so, absolutely that is a good deal!  Don't let that one get away.  If possible, buy two of them.  Just think of the savings!
If you buy one Sam you can have all my business. I would expect the BESSEX rate though.

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