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New Knives....material hardness?
Hi Guys,

Mark R put me in touch with IVO Cutlery out of Portugal.  They have a NA Headquarters not too far from me, and I met them yesterday....I also picked up some knives for trials! ( Thank you so much are awesome!)

One is X50CRMOV15

the other is X55CRMOV14

So the 2nd is slightly higher in carbon and lower in Vanadium.....

I cant find specs on its hardness.......any insight from forum members???


This is a popular German stainless steel. Used in Victorinox "Swiss Army" knives, and many German kitchen knives. Medium carbon and high chromium makes it very stain resistant.

Published working hardness of HRC 56-58, seems like it's normally 55-56 in my estimation.
Mark, you always come through for me!...Thank you
Most welcome, and always my pleasure, Mr Sam Smile

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