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Red Label Abrasives
I was shopping Amazon for 1x42 belts yesterday, when I came across an abrasive company I haven't even heard of. Reminds me of Klingspoor, in that they make their own belts.

Seems like they have practically anything a guy could ask for. If they don't have what you you're looking for in stock, they'll make it and still get it to you within a couple days... for Free. They actually seem to be teaming up with Amazon, and you can open an account with your Amazon credentials, and use your Amazon credit cards.

Please Take Heed:   
When you follow this link, there will be a "15% off your first order" pop up offer. Write that promo code down, put it on your clipboard, whatever. I just copied it and lost it by the time I needed it.

Red Label Abrasives

I ordered some of their ceramic belts, some Deerfos ceramic and other SC 1x42 belts suggested by our friend, Mr Sharpco. Smile
Thanks Mr. Mark.  Good to find another source.

Red Label Abrasives is a division of Fintech Abrasives
7125 Whites Bridge Rd, Belding MI 48809

Fintech Abrasives has everyday discounts, buy 3-4 of anything get 10% off.  Buy 5 and get 15% off.  Just think of the savings!

I use this. It's my first belts(Except for the Worksharp belts).

I have not used it for a while because of Trizact, but recently I tried this silicon carbide belts again and got better results.(polished edge)

The silicon carbide belts of Red Label Abrasives is more expensive then I have. I've never used it, but I expect it will be great too because it got a good rating on Amazon.
I'm impressed with the selection of abrasives, and I think you can get anything in any size.

They aren't the cheap, but if I can get anything I want, at any time, from one spot... That's handy.

I got some 2x72 ceramics, so we'll see how they compare to Cubitrons and Blaze, but I plan on testing out the whole line.
Mr. Mark, how does Blaze compare with Cubitron?
No easy answer, Mr Grepper, as neither line is consistent through the grits. I normally buy in bulk, so there's a good chance that the belts available last year don't work like the newest belts. 

I haven't tried any of the new Blaze Plus belts, but there's not always an improvement. The 40+ grit Cube IIs were a new item when I got them, and the old 36 grit are more aggressive and last longer.

I like Cubes up to 80 grit, but at 120 and 220 I switch to Blaze because of the heavier backing, which makes a big difference, especially wet grinding.

The coarse Cube II's can stand a lot of pressure and they stay clean without help. Blaze leave a nicer finish and last longer at 120 and 220. Better for sharpening IMHO.

I am running low on belts and starting to re-stock. I'll have a better idea of how the new belts compare in a couple months.

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