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My new Purchases!!!
Hi Guys.....
My PT50B arrived yesterday......and my Kingmas 60x scope just came now!

Thank you all for the great suggestions.....Im having fun sharpening and looking!

I am looking for some input though.......Razor edge paper wheels.....I found a distributor here in Canada, so 2 10" wheels next....slotted ones correct??

What about diamond compound? see lots of stuff in syringes....but Mr. KG's video shows a paste in a small tub......and how do you load a virgin wheel?

I am going from the standard SG-250 Tormek wheel, to the recommendations on the grit size too would be most welcome based on your experiences.

Thank you , Thank you!

You might want to check out Steve B's page HERE. At least it's good information for you.

The razor edge package should contain one slotted wheel and white compound for it, plus one un-slotted wheel with grit on it. It comes with extra grit and white Elmer's-type glue to re-coat the wheel, and wax to put on the grit wheel that's supposed to help keep the heat under control. I found it reduced the effectiveness of the grit at the same rate it keeps the blade cooler.

Wheel size wheel is dependent on your motor because the wheels need to clear the motor. Normally guys use a 6" grinder and 8" wheels, because 6" grinders are cheap, and it seems like most guys that are trying paper wheels are looking for a low cost option. 

It would be much better to use an 8" low speed  buffer, because the machine is made to work with 8" wheels, and the last thing paper wheels need is high speed. 10" wheels are considerably faster than 8" wheels.

Mr KG uses .5µ diamond compound on the slotted wheel, but he also uses other major advances. The white compound works as well as the rest of package, so might as well try the white compound first. There's a good chance you may not like paper wheels...

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