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Rental Knife Options
Hello Again Forum!

Hoping i put this in the right place......I am curious about those of you that offer a rental knife program.

In a nearly Perfect world, I would think many would pick a brand name, high quality blade......not too hard, but of reasonable quality.

In one post I read about the Lasting Cut product.....seemed like a great price......but was unable to locate a supplier.

What options have you found/used???

In my area ( the Greater Toronto Area) we have a major player, that supplies cheap custom branded knives, that probably get a quick pass on a Conzinni, before being sent out again. I once gave my 4 Stars to them ( long before i got the bug) and they butchered them!!!

So, strictly as an investigation on economics, what has worked.

My baseline for a rental program in my area ( my local pub) is 6 knives per week, at $17 / week even the cheapest Henckel Pro V would be a $120/set investment.......

Thank you so much for all the information and help this forum has done for me!

The wonders of the internet!!!

IVO Cutlery out of Portugal and TORONTO!!!! so close!

Inexpensive, X50CrMoV15, lifetime warranty.......Hardened only to RHC 54 though....
I wouldn't worry too much about HRC 54. From what I've seen hard steel blades don't buy you much as far as edge retention goes, plus they are more difficult to sharpen and more prone to chipping.

Like you say, "The wonders of the internet!!!"
Hello again, Sam! Great to see you here, and I hope you post often.

We have... I guess several commercial sharpeners around here. This should be a good thread no matter where it landed Wink

Is the 6 knife set all the same knives, or do you provide a "regular" set with a paring knife, fillet, slicer, chef knife etc? What are their requirements, and how do they take care of the knives? 

That would make a difference to me. If they're savvy I'd try to give them better knives, personally.

How are you sharpening?
Thank you for the Reply Mark!

Yes....a regular set as you describe above. Care is another question, because I cant police they have to be OK.....

Sharpening.....T8, Paperwheels/Diamond, and PT50B......
Sounds like you will show that "major player" some stiff competition. Congrats!

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