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Protocol for BESS measurements?
For any measurement method, it is important to apply an established measurement protocol. 

For example, for outdoor temperature measurements, it was once agreed that this is done at 1.5 meters above the ground, in a cabin painted white, where the wind can blow through and the sun cannot penetrate, etc.

Is there also such a protocol for BESS measurements? 

I ask about this because I saw a video on FB that a BESS device is a waste of money. If you press the wire quickly you get a lower reading, than if you press the wire very slowly.

Would like your response.
You’re right.  Like any tool it should be used properly for the most accurate results.

That said, you don’t need to over think it.  Just slowly lower the blade until the media severs and BESS testers will produce very accurate and repeatable results.

To say that BESS testers are a waste of money because when used improperly they can produce less accurate measurements is like saying a table saw is a waste of money because wood can burn or cut unevenly when the wood is jammed with too much speed and pressure into the blade.  But who would do that?  Or a stove is a waste of money because food will burn if the flame is turned up too high, etc.

Here is the recommended technique for performing a test:
Thank you for your response.

It is also important to stay true to your own protocol. Mine looks as follows:
1) tension the cutting wire with a weight of 100gr
2) carefully position the blade
3) very slowly (!) increase the pressure
4) repeat the measurement 2 times (3-4 cm before the end and beginning of the blade).
5) the average is the result of the overall sharpness

Do you have any tips?
Good job! I would say that is perfect protocol that will produce very accurate results. In fact, you are more careful and precise about it than I am!

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