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New Fixture
This forum seems to be primarily the province of subwoofer so we thought that it would be a good place to display one of the fruits of his ideas. The picture shows an assemblage of the various test fixtures used by subwoofer at the recent Sharpest Knife UK competition. Please take note of the new cut-away fixtures sitting on the table.  These fixtures are designed to allow closer measurement access to the heel of the knife. It also makes measurement  of shorter blades easier as well as oddly shaped blades. Thank you to subwoofer for his contributions here! These new fixtures will be introduced for sale this fall and will be priced at $49.00.

[Image: Sharpest-02-P1020681.jpg]
What a pretty collection of the different versions of ATF's!

What is interesting to me that at first blush the ATF is such a simple thing. Considering the first version worked well, how could something that simplistic be improved? Yet, the latest version has two major and one minor improvements from the first and is better for it.

There's a life lesson in there somewhere.
Thanks Grepper - we think it's called "can't leave well enough alone."

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