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How to measure "toothy," instead of "sharp?"
I am pretty new here, and I am sure
you can tell that from my posts.......

I have recently invested - and it's my
best-ever sharpening investment - in the PT50.

After some flailing around, I was able,
with careful attention to protocols, to get
one of my little "super-steel" SPYDERCO knives
down to a (admittedly brief) lifetime best of BESS 36 !

With that under my belt, I can give more attention
to the part of sharpening that I CAN'T seem to measure:  "TOOTHY."

Sharpness as measured to BESS seems fairly
straightforward to me now, but I read folks that
DON'T measure to BESS talking about how their
"toothy" knives are better at cutting than knives "BESS" sharp.

How do we measure that ?

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