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Old knife restoration
I enjoy rescuing old tools and giving them a new lease on life.  It's always a shame when an old tool, frozen with rust is forsaken when with just a bit of work can be born again and restored to another entire lifetime of usefulness.  Here's a couple of examples on page 1 and 2 of this post:

I've done a bunch of them and have enjoyed much success, however nothing compared to what this guy does.

He uses a lot of time consuming hand work, but moreover, some very imaginative and inventive restoration ideas.  Anyway, I enjoyed this video where tackles a beyond all hope, mostly disintegrated old knife.  Maybe you will enjoy it too:

Here are some other hopeless, basket (trash can) cases he rejuvenated.  Pretty cool.  Scroll through the list of videos.  There are some beautiful old tools in very deteriorated condition given a new, useful lease on life.  A great demonstration of how those old, built like a tank tools can last many lifetimes...  As long as someone cares to keep them maintained or save them if they have become forlorn, abandoned and left to the dark abyss of  oblivion:
I just began working on an old cleaver given to me. I was working on restoring cast iron pans when my friend found the cleaver in his mother’s collection.

Finding time to work on it is the main problem.

I’ll be looking at some of the videos and seeing if I can get some advice.

Thanks Mark!
Maybe post some pics of your pan and cleaver. That way we could see the issues you are dealing with.

Also, when you are done before/after pics are really cool. There have been many times when I've done restoration work when I was sorry I didn't take the "before" pics!

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