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50 BESS is the size of COVID-19
Just realized that the edge scoring 50 BESS has an apex of the same size as the coronavirus COVID-19.
Actually, apex in the best disposable shaving razors is even less.
[Image: coronavirus-size.jpg]
I've been trying to figure out how we can leverage this valuable information to turn our edge testers into a quick and accurate COVID-19 DIY home test.

Gotta hand it to both COVID-19 and dandelions for their multiplicative proclivity.  It's interesting how something so small can can cause such a big problem.

It's a good thing that, for the most part, we humans have earned our place on Earth by evolving resistance to the billions of bacteria, viruses and other pathogens in our environment.  After all, if it weren't for that Martians might have taken over the planet when they invaded Earth way back in 1897 in War of the Worlds.
Thanks for the comparison Knifegrinders and you've got your thinking cap on Grepper! I think you're on the right track and I would suggest developing a system  something along the lines of that used by the best sheep counter in Australia - one Pete Campbell. Pete could sit atop a tall fence post near the 20 foot wide opening into the corral as the sheep herd rushed in 15 abreast and yield an error free accounting each and every time. When asked how he was able to do this he relied that he had a system - "I count the legs and divide by four".

I would suggest something similar for Covid 19 identification. Place the unknown virus in position - using a known 50 BESS edge  attempt to slice the virus in half - if the virus squashes, it was smaller than Covid 19. If it separates into two equal halves, then measure with a ruler and determine if the radii is >= 50nm.

And that's what you call a system!

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