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Trizact A6 & A3
well it has been a few months now, an update to this post.

with most of my exchange restaurant accounts on hold, things slowed a bit, but my butcher shop remains open and had more business than he could almost handle.  i had lots of knives from him and lots of this and that sharpening tests, here is what we came up with and it has been outstanding according to him.

i still want to try higher grits, like A3, but i can not find any from anyone........i might try a few of those higher grit polishing belts that they sell  -  opinions??.........years ago i bought some A3's from Doug Rising in texas, but he sold all stock to Mr Howell and he had some, but does not have any more.  the A6's and 3's as you know but a nice polished edge on any knife - i like it


A6 has been the ticket for his knives with just a light strop or two...........2 weeks or longer on some - he is happy camper.

now i have started using the same procedure for my exchanges that are opening back up and all have gone to 1 month exchanges until things get back to normal.

stay safe out there................i did add Graphics to my NV200.

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