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Fun with Scotch-Brite belts
Because a belt sander runs in one direction Scotch-Brite or similar metal conditioning belts can produce a definite directional “grain” in the finish.  This is different than S-B type pads on something like a random orbital sander which does not produce directional scratches in he finish.
The directional scratches produced with a belt sander can produce some interesting, fun and strange visual effects.  Check out the picture.  Below the polished ring at the top is a steel tube comprised of three screw together segments.  I separated the segments and finished each section of the tube with an S-B belt on the Kally holding each segment at opposing 45° angles. 
The visual effect is quite stunning.  Light shining on it makes it look horribly bent like it was run over with a truck or something.  But it’s just an optical delusion.  The tube is perfectly straight and where the segments join is perfectly smooth.  It’s really weird, deceptive and kind of freaky.  Just looking at it in your hand you’d swear it’s all bent to hell. 


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