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Test clips vs ATF sharpness readings
The Disposable Clip System or “test clips” are quick and convenient but it is important to understand readings produced when using test clips need to be normalized to equal the BESS standard.
Using the Aluminum Test Fixture (ATF) produces standard BESS readings.  Unaltered test clips produce 20% lower sharpness readings than when using the ATF.  In other words, sharpness readings when using test clips show 20% too sharp.  To standardize the test clip results add 20%.
Disposable Clip System – While the EOU Disposable Clip System utilizes BESS Certified test media in its construction, EOU test clips havenot yet received full certification from BESSU. Test Clips are manufactured by EOU and not BESSU. In their unaltered state Test Clips will generatea very reliable20% deviation (lowerand across all measurement ranges) than the BESS Standard. To convert a Test Clip measurement to a BESS measurement simply multiply the test clip result by (1.2). If the test media tension is relieved in the test clip by working one leg of the clip forward and then back test clips match BESS scores perfectly. It is this de-tensioning process and the more limited range of test clips that are the subjects of continued discussions with BESSU. Test Clips are tensioned to meet the needs of our medical and test laboratory customers more fully. Tensioning also makes home kitchen use more simple and safer.
But Test Clip has the advantage of always maintaining the same tension Smile
Good observation Sharpco. Test Clips (DTC100) must be popular with a number of users because we continue to manufacture larger and larger production runs of them. Our current run will utilize 2100 yds. of test media - almost a mile and a quarter of test clips side by side.

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