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Powered Sharpener Setup Recommendations
This post is to make my previous post appear on page 11.  Without, somehow that post will not show up and page 11 is "invisible".

Grest job on the handle Mr. Brian!  It looks very nice and made a better and safer tool out of it too.  You made it nicer than when it was new.

Gaps like that both under the handle and the gap between the sides isn't cool around food because it can trap gunk and grow nasty egregious organisms.  I did almost the exact same thing on a knife with a handle like yours.  Before sanding the wood down to be smooth with the tang, I filled the gap with epoxy.  That filled in all the little gaps under the handle.  Once sanded smooth it was invisible.  That also stops water from getting in the gaps under the handle and rotting the wood.

Re the invisible post thing- That happens every so often.  Not often at all but we've seen it before.  It's invisible when logged in but visible if you are not.  Or it's the other way around.  Either way you found the solution.  Just make another post and the invisible post will magically become visible.
More video!  This time my promised demo of sharpening a serrated blade on the Kally.

PS:  Thanks for the nice comment on my last one Grepper.

Nice work Brian! I’m new to serrated sharpening. I’ve always stayed away after seeing my friend rat tail file each scallop. You made it look so easy with the sander.

Looking forward to more!

Another great video Brian!  As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier.  Thanks for taking the time to do them and for sharing.  Just posting takes time and effort let alone making videos.  Your effort is both understood and appreciated.

If I may most humbly and respectfully make a suggestion, maybe put some of these in a new thread?  This thread is now very long and your helpful and informative video is buried within it.  It's a typical problems with forums.  Threads naturally meander into different subject areas.  The problem is that really good information gets lost and difficult to find.

Again, a huge thanks, and:  More!!! Smile

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