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With a Heavy Heart
How saddening.  I knew Mark only from this group.  What a great guy.  We visited privately on a number of topics and had a good kinship.  Amazing how many commonalities we found.  He will be greatly missed.  Rest In Peace, my friend.

Grepper raised his glass of burbon & rocks. As the ice clinked against the sides Grepper said, “Here’s to you Mr. Mark! Wish you were here. We’ll miss you in 2020.”
To a good friend. You will be missed Mark.

Nice posts gentlemen. We raised a glass at my house in Marks memory as well.
Mark is a friend I will never forget. We had so many conversations about most everything - especially knives and sharpening them. He used so many of my products - cbn diamonds synthetic and natural stones etc. He was SO passionate about his craft. A gifted sharpener, a gifted craftsman. I just finished putting a handle on a knife using a 1*42" kalamazoo with a platen he made for it. I felt his spirit in my work just thinking about it. He had an uncanny sense of direction and an understanding of natural landscapes and hunting far beyond my comprehension. I will miss him so much. RIP MARK
I sent Mark's wife the link to this thread. Here is her response to my email:

"Wow, thank you so much for sending that to me. I am continually amazed by Marks reach and how he touched each persons life that he knew. 

I miss him so much and this helps keep him with me. Tell them all how much their words meant to me please

I think of Mark whenever I look at my Kally. Mark made and gave me one of his platens for my Kally. I remember when it first arrived. I spent a long time looking at it, mesmerized by the quality and practicality of Mark's workmanship. After using it, my appreciation has only grown. Looking at it reminds me of Mark's generous and caring spirit. 
You are missed, friend.


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