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Knife Review: Oberland Arms Jager Sepp
Before the main intro, the review featured in this post, includes SET testing results. Might this be the first ever review of its type to include these?...

This thread is a new approach for me regarding sharing my reviews. Forums are where I came from, and the discussion on forums is something I hope to be involved in and inspire. It has become too much work to convert the reviews published on my website into forum versions, so I need to try something else to stay in touch with the forums.

I am only including a headline introduction and link to the review - please return to this forum to discuss the review or ask questions.

To the Moderators, there is a reciprocal link at the end of every review on Tactical Reviews. If you have any concerns over this approach please let me know.

Knife Review: Oberland Arms Jager Sepp

17 June, 2019

[Image: OberlandArms-Jager-Sepp-00-feature-P1350284.jpg]

Finding Oberland Arms’ knives was an outstanding highlight of IWA 2018, and it became a mission of mine to review them. A happy coincidence that one other IWA 2018 highlight happened to be another knife designed by Tommaso Rumici who is the designer of the Jager Sepp on review here. Everything came together nicely at […]
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