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The straight razor that can't cut test media
Lord Carnovon should have watched a few Boris Karloff movies and then he would have known better than to mess around in Egypt.
Just to keep a public record, I'm still using the cheap carbon steel razor, at about 10 days/shave. I have to admit, I really can't complain one iota. I think I had my 5th shave today.

I'm doing everything as consistently as human nature allows. I strop on my left palm right before I shave. I don't need soap or anything to "enhance my experience". I still knock 95% the whiskers off cleanly in about a minute. I know I could stop there with no complaints, but I don't mind hitting the rough spots within another 30 seconds. I feel like I come away with a good shave. Anyone who knows me knows me would understand what I consider "satisfactory". Anyone who can shave within a minute or two knows what I'm talking about.

Here's my question... Can anyone add to this? Can you say what works, and for how long? What the hell do your razors measure? How long does it take to shave? What sharpness do you maintain?? That's my biggest question. What sharpness do you maintain for a good shave?

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