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Yes, welcome to the forum Raö razor and thanks for the post.  Congratulations on your sharpening!  Those are the sharpest numbers we have seen posted here. I didn't know it was possible to 6.  Amazing.  

When I said, "Why so horribly dull in the middle of the blade?" it was an obviously failed attempt at humor.   Rolleyes   Your blade is incredibly sharp regardless if it's 6 or 10 BESS, it makes no difference.

Mr. tailmotor, because these numbers are so incredibly sharp I just have to ask:  Do you tension the test media when you fasten in down in the ATF?  When threading the test media in the ATF, no more than 100 g tension provides the most accurate sharpness reading. 

That can be approximately achieved by setting the ATF on your bench and pulling the test media across the top at 90° until the ATF just starts to tip over and fastening the screw down.  Any more tension than that might produce abnormally low sharpness readings.

Normally, unless the test media is obviously over tensioned, this is not an issue but when dealing with sharpness levels this low proper test media tension will provide the most accurate measurments.
I have not measured how much I stretch the thread. I never stretch abnormally much. I hold the thread between my fingers, stretch it out and fix it with the screw. When I measure, I always try to let the edge cut off the thread as slowly as possible. You can see during the measurement that the instrument counts up until the thread goes off.
Looks to me like you are doing the measurement carefully and perfectly. The only reason I mentioned it was because that is the sharpest edge I've ever seen measured on the Exchange.

I suspect that if you placed the razor edge down against the bench it might just fall through under it's own weight.
One must always put it on the side so that nothing unexpected happens ........   Coffee

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