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Edge Rolling in High Vanadium Knives
I have to admit, if I'm grinding at temperatures of 1300°F- 1800°F, grinding efficiency probably isn't going to be one of my chief concerns.

If a guy can't be bothered with lab results, I witless information is the next best thing.
(03-22-2019, 01:46 AM)Jan Wrote: Yes Mr. Grepper you are correct. Mike’s questions were tricky for me, so I have posted consideration which is only vaguely relevant and which reflects what I was just thinking about. Wink

Funny Mr. Jan.  Thanks for the chuckle. Smile
Okay now Mark, cut it out! "I witless"? You're making me work way too hard. I had to come back to that three times before I got it. Isn't that the truth though? I like that one a lot!

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