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Viel Conversion, Final Version
The original motor for my Viel was 1/4hp, purchased from Viel. For my uses, general shop odd jobs and scissors sharpening, I never had any power problems. The Penn State Industries variable speed motor I replaced it with is rated at 1/2 hp. Again, no power problems. Each of these motors cost considerably more than the Harbor Freight belt grinder, for just the motors. If someone really needed a 3/4hp motor, a larger belt grinder might be more appropriate. 

Yes Ken, Bob (Bubby) was at my place  earlier and before he posted and after we discussed your earlier post. The Harbor Freight motor most definitely says 1/3 horse on it. My Kally isn't with me to confirm but Grepper tells us that the Baldor motor is rated at 1/3 horsepower. Apparently different slide rules were used to calculate these two HP's because the HF is definitely a weak sister compared to the Kally. 
It could be just a matter of rated RPM skewing the HP ratings or it could be that HF has been overly optimistic about their motor's performance.
Borrowing a phrase from Mark Twain, HF would not be the first place to use “a stretcher”. I have always thought it was magic that my Porter Cable 3 1/4 hp router could be plugged into a standard 15 amp receptacle........

Very nice write up of Ken's project in Sharpener's Report. Nice job Ken! 

In this same issue can be found an article by KnifeGrinders describing their meat processing study. Great job KG as well!
Thank you for your kind words, Mike. With no false humility I must state that "The Viel Project" was a cooperative effort. While I did the writing, much of the supporting expertise and encouragement was from my fellow bessexers. Without their experience, this would not have happened.

Steve Bottorff just sent me an email to let me know that he has a new supply of the conversion mounting plates. These plates are head and shoulders the easiest was to do a conversion.
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