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SHARP PAD/Edge Tester Videos
You will find convenient links here to most of our product tutorials and short excerpts from videos.
Thanks for having a look!

PT50 SERIES Edge Sharpness Testers

"Mom's Knife"
A short excerpt video demonstrating the basic principles of EST with the PT50B
"Three PT50's"
Another short video featuring the PT50A,PT50B and the PT50C measuring a single DE Razor Blade

"Feather vs. Standard"
Is a Feather Brand razor blade sharper than a standard DE blade? The PT50A answers the question.
"Oxidation on Edges"
Is it possible to measure the oxidation level on an edge? The PT50B provides the answer.

"For Home Chefs"
Great operation and demonstration video featuring the PT50C and two very different kitchen knives featuring the disposable clip system.


"Industrial Edge Testing"
Tutorial for the ID75A edge tester with a demonstration of our RS232/USB PC link and data base software.

"Industrial Needle Testing"
Part One of this Two Part Tutorial. Features and description of the types of needle tests possible with the ID75N.

"Industrial Needle Testing"
Part Two of the ID75N Tutorial. Actual demonstrations of the various needle tests performed in this final part.


"KN100 & ME110 Analog Edge Testers"
Operation and demonstration of our original edge sharpness testers.


"How to Route and Reload your ATF10 Test Fixture"
A video instruction showing how the ATF10 test fixture is reloaded for all electronic edge testers.


"SHARP PAD Tutorial Part 1"
A basic introduction to SHARP PAD with burr removal, edge straightening and work hardening of edges

"SHARP PAD Work Hardening Part 2"
Short science class and demonstration of the principle of work hardening.

"SHARP PAD Case Closed"
A burr documentary. Photographic and video evidence of edges, burrs and burr removal.

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