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Swedish wood carving knife
(02-22-2018, 10:07 AM)Mike Brubacher Wrote: ...snip... We used to use this very same material for RF shielding but it was copper. Zinc or aluminum might do the job. I think that the foil we used is two thousandths of an inch thick (.002"), and comes on a paper backing. Just peel the metal foil off the backing and stick the foil where you wish. The adhesive back used here is conductive, not that it makes any difference in this application. Here's a picture of our copper foil.

Just looked at the picture and to tell you the truth this stuff is pretty shiny. You can see the partial reflected image of me shooting the picture.

Quite some time ago, I used that very same sticky backed copper to discourage slugs from eating the new sprouts in my garden.  I cut 1.5" lengths of the plastic tubing used to keep golf clubs apart in golf bags, stuck the copper tape to it and slit it length-wise.  In the garden, open the slit and place it around the shoot, slugs would approach but not cross the copper.  Very effective.  Due to conductivity with the slug's slime?  
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Well we can all learn quite a bit on the Bess Exchange Rick. That's a nice juicy looking fellow. A couple dozen of those and we'd have a hearty meal. You elevated my curiosity Rick. There is little doubt, from what I've read, that this trick seems to work pretty well. There also seems to be several theories as to why. I'm going with the theory that the copper is absorbed into their bodies and they don't like the taste of the stuff.

I am not sure why it works, but, at least in my garden, it did.  I had not heard the poison theory, just the electric shock.  I"m not sure I'd call it a shock, rather a mild tingle, as it would have to work off of the electrical functions in the slug's body, which cannot be very much. 

According to this site, it is a myth and they bust it.

Maybe it is taste.  I'm not sure whether slugs have any sensory receptors in their slime covered foot, but apparently, thin strips of copper do not work.  It takes a wider piece, such as the tape.

Beer definitely works, and that has to simply be drowning.  At the time, using beer seemed like such a waste. 
For those who won't mind an off-topic diversion, here is something I did in 2001 when I was messing with the copper tape stuff

Followed your link Rick. Had no idea that we were enjoying the writings of someone as knowledgeable on the slug repellent subject as you. We don't like the idea of beer traps. We've fallen into plenty of those ourselves.
(11-20-2018, 10:17 AM)EOU Wrote: ...snip...
We don't like the idea of beer traps. We've fallen into plenty of those ourselves.

oww.  Good one.  

(11-20-2018, 10:17 AM)EOU Wrote: Followed your link Rick. Had no idea that we were enjoying the writings of someone as knowledgeable on the slug repellent subject as you. ...snip...

Thanks. That is really old stuff, 2001.  I gave up the garden in my back yard in 2008 to put in a ground source heat pump and never put one back in because the ground kept settling.  Sold that place in 2016 to move to be near my granddaughter and only this year had another garden.  Slugs are not much of a problem where I am now.  

Nothing to add on slugs but I have been talking wood and wood carving knives with these folks Very nice and knowledgeable bunch there. I have to get my Christmas list to my wife pretty soon or it won't make it under the tree.

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