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Full Version: Isopropyl for parts cleaning? Good luck finding any
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I keep isopropyl alcohol around for parts cleaning.  Sometimes it's just the needed solvent.  I like the 99.9% stuff so there is no water residue, but lesser concentration stuff works too in a pinch.

Need some for your shop?  Good luck finding any.  Herd mentality hoarding has set in and panic buying has wiped out store shelves.

As an aside, and FWIW, my wife is a large grocery store in the area.  She just texted me two pictures, one of the empty isopropyl shelf and the other of the shelf for toilet paper.  The toilet paper shelf is a BIG shelf, probably 20' feet long and 3' deep.  It is barren.
I've been using Goo Gone a lot to clean blades. It works nicely on tape residue that seems to be on a lot of my blades.

I also recently bought a big-ish can of mineral spirits. I bought it to clean and prep wood for refinishing. But it occurs to me that it's probably really good for cleaning blades too. Except that it's rather stinky.

Had a bit of both (iso acohol and mineral oil). Never used Goo Gone, but adding it to the list.

I'm staying away from the hoarding herd. SMH... (I am not known to use acronyms, lol)
(03-12-2020, 07:19 AM)blgentry Wrote: [ -> ]I also recently bought a big-ish can of mineral spirits.  Except that it's rather stinky.


You can get Odorless Mineral Spirits, otherwise known as OMS. It's more money, but, IMHO, not having the odor is well worth it.
(03-12-2020, 10:14 AM)BeSharp Wrote: [ -> ]You can get Odorless Mineral Spirits, otherwise known as OMS. It's more money, but, IMHO, not having the odor is well worth it.

Mine says odorless on the can.  I guess it's not very noticable from 3 feet away.  But I'm a crazy person and I sometimes smell the rag from about 3 inches away after I apply it.  It's stinky from there.

I guess this is kind of like some computer problems.  An old expression is "problem between seat and keyboard".  I think I qualify for this description when using OMS.  Smile

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Isopropanol is available at, and at good prices, too.
Thanks for the heads-up.

I've always just bought a gallon of the stuff.  It lasted a long time so I probably could buy smaller quantities, but just like to grab a gallon and then not worry about running out.  It was always about $35.00 at a local hardware store.

The problem ordering it on-line is shipping and hazmat fees.  Checkout at

Subtotal $34.95
Hazmat Fee $37.00
Shipping (FedEx - Ground) $20.31
Total $92.26

$92.26 is a lot for a gallon of iso.  Maybe isopropyl is available again locally.  Hope so!

'Solimo' 99% sold on Amazon is 6.99 a pint with free shipping and no fees or taxes, so would be $56/Gallon. I've been having them auto-delivered for some time now which discounts them to $5.90 or little under $48/gallon. They are in and out of stock with everything going on. Unfortunately out at the moment, not sure when next batch comes in they don't have any dates yet. It seems pretty random, it had the same message it shows now shortly before my last delivery and I was still able to get it.

PS. It might be helpful to shop around. I don't know what the source is for the Hazmat fees, either above certain quantities or regulations from the state it ships from

Good luck

I just noticed the post right above with Cyrano finding a good source. I'll check them out as well
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