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Full Version: John Lucas Award
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When one of our Exchange members does something good we like to crow about it just a little. Thank you to John J.,  a woodworking customer of ours and good friend of John Lucas,  for providing us with notification of John Lucas's achievement  and pictures of his work. John Lucas recently won the People's Choice Award at the Tennessee Association of Woodturners symposium held in Franklin, TN this year. John, his winning piece and the story behind its creation, were also featured in American Woodturner Journal. Congratulations to John Lucas and thanks to John J. for dropping the dime! 


And here is the winning piece:


John J. does beautiful work as well:


More John Lucas:


Here is something that John Lucas is well known for, hand mirrors:


Absolutely beautiful! Once again, kudos to John Lucas and thank you to all our woodworkers for your participation in the BESS Exchange!
This is really beautiful stuff John. I can't even imagine how it was done but you did. Congratulations on the award!