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Full Version: Reducing Image File Size for Posting - Short Version
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Image size:  The dimensions of the image in pixels (width x height).  Example 640 x 480.
File size:  The amount of disk space the image uses on your computer.  Example:  250 KB.
-  The forum is configured to allow 10 images per post. Each image must be 250 KB or less.
-  JPG is the best image file format for the smallest file size.  Usually a JPG quality setting of 90% will produce a small enough image file size.
-  Crop images to include only the important part of the image that you want to show.  For instance, if you wish to show a picture of a knife there is a good chance that the knife is only a small part of the entire image.  Crop the image to only include the knife so as to eliminate the unimportant background parts of the image.  (See the images below)
-  You will most likely not be able to upload images directly from a digital camera.  You will need to scale the images to smaller dimensions to reduce the file size.
Scale the image to 720 horizontal pixels wide or less.  720 pixels wide is generally more than large enough for an image in a forum post.  A 640 pixel wide image is will more than likely be just fine, and many times even smaller, such as 400 pixels wide will be completely adequate.   See images below for an idea of images of various dimensions.
Note:  When you open a thumbnail to view the image it will be displayed in your browser.  Most modern browsers will scale images to fit in the browser window even if the image is very large.  This means that if you can get the file size small enough you can probably get away with uploading large images sizes such as 3000 x 2000 pixels in dimension.  But, most likely, large images like that will exceed 250 KB file size and you will need to crop and/or scale the image to smaller dimensions.  Again, we suggest scaling images 720 pixels horizontal or less.

Please create a new post if you have any questions!  I am more than happy to assist. Smile

Image cropped to eliminate useless background.  Image dimenstions: 452 x 83  File size: 8.65 KB
[Image: knifetiny.jpg]

Image dimensions: 662 x 128  File size: 16.3 KB
[Image: knifesmall.jpg]

Uncropped image with useless background information.  Image dimensions: 897 x 664  File size: 82.1 KB
[Image: knifebig.jpg]